Suntek Global | Bringing Your Product Ideas to Life
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We seamlessly collaborate with your team to create tailor-made solutions by leveraging our deep domain expertise, cutting-edge technology, and out-of-the-box thinking.

Bringing Ideas to Life

Suntek’s team of seasoned designers and engineers, with support from prototyping and materials labs, provides you with seamless product development services during each stage of the development cycle. From market research, conceptualization, product design, and software/firmware programming to production processes, QA implementation and mass production, we work with you to provide a clear strategy to efficiently and successfully bring your product ideas to life.

Design for Manufacturability

The fluid transition from product concept or evolution to mass production, within both timeline and financial constraints, is the true measure of success for every product development project. Our design for manufacturability expertise provides your company with creative and innovative engineering solutions to successfully connect the dots from start to finish, thus allowing you to comfortably focus forward on your core business.

Advanced Technology

Suntek is located in the heart of one of the world’s most vibrant regions for advanced consumer product technology. This proximity allows our team to actively leverage both internal expertise as well as that of our extensive network of regional partner technology companies and component suppliers. Thus we incorporate the most advanced technology within your products to ensure they have the technical advantages to maintain your company’s competitive edge.

Rapid Prototyping

We help you develop CNC and 3D printed prototypes to highlight your products feature, validate mold/tooling development feasibility and assess potential assemble requirements.

When a lot is at stake for a good product presentation, you can be confident that the quality and finish of our CNC prototypes will ensure a production sample appearance. Our prototypes allow you to physically illustrate your company’s vision of the product and confidently display them to potential buyers or stakeholders.

Approach to Project Unknowns

Project development unknowns can become a black hole of time and resources for a project. We overcome the many unknowns within the process through our inherent can-do, dynamic approach. Through our active communication and collaboration with your team, analysis of feedback from your customers and market, as well as a constant assessment of the technology landscape, we are able align on the most important aspects of your product. This focused approach allows us continuously assess what will ensure product viability within the scope, timeline and resources allocated to your project.

Development Recovery

Suntek Global has built unique experience in successfully helping clients rescue their current projects from nightmare development scenarios including development delays, poor vendor collaboration/communication, low production yield, reliability, and cost issues.

Our team will help you identify root causes and/or development obstacles via a thorough assessment of your project’s current situation, then execute a concise forward strategy to give you a clear line of sight towards a successful product build and shipment.