Design & Development Services


Hardware Design

Exceptional hardware design is fundamental to the success of a product, impacting its functionality, reliability, performance, cost, user experience, and regulatory compliance. Our seasoned engineers are committed to providing your team with a flexible, yet seamless hardware design experience to ensure your product reliably and efficiently performs its intended functions.

Suntek Global excels at developing tailored solutions for complex hardware challenges across industry segments, including consumer electronics, robotics, healthcare, security and aerospace.

Embedded Systems &

Software Development

We specialize in developing tailored embedded system solutions designed to execute highly specific tasks for vision and imaging applications. Suntek Global’s bespoke solutions leverage advanced algorithms to analyze visual data, empowering our clients to mitigate the complexities and risks associated with integrating and deploying intelligent vision-guided systems.

Our comprehensive embedded system development services span software and firmware design, hardware development, optimization for performance and form factor, rigorous quality validation, and seamless manufacturing.

Design For Manufacturability

The seamless progression from initial product concept or evolution to mass production, all while meeting strict timelines and financial boundaries, defines the success of any product development endeavor. By addressing potential manufacturing challenges early, products are easier to manufacture and the likelihood of errors during production are reduced.

At Suntek Global, our Design for Manufacturability services provide your team the ability to optimize product performance, reduce costs, and accelerate time-to-market.

Rapid Prototyping

Rapid prototyping enables engineers to quickly test, refine and validate product functionalities prior to manufacturing. Suntek Global‘s rapid prototyping capability enables your team to develop hardware and mechanical prototypes to address design flaws or technical challenges before investing in production.

When a lot is at stake for a good product presentation, you can be confident that the quality and finish of our prototypes will ensure production sample appearance and functionality. Our prototypes allow you to physically illustrate your company’s vision of the product and confidently display them to potential buyers or stakeholders.

Agile Production Ramp-Up

The transition from development to production is a critical phase in the lifecycle of any product. At Suntek Global, we help your team offset the additional efforts needed to quickly adjust production capacity in response to changing market dynamics, demand fluctuations, or unforeseen challenges.

Our expertise in HMLV manufacturing and supply chain management provides your team with rapid production ramp up to successfully meet market demand, while maintaining flexibility, quality, and cost-effectiveness over time.