Our Services

Hardware Design

Our engineering team excels at developing tailored solutions for complex hardware challenges across various industry segments, including consumer electronics, robotics, healthcare, security and aerospace.  Throughout your product’s development cycle, we offer your team a clear strategy to ensure performance optimization, durability, device interoperability, scalability and regulatory compliance.  In addition, our team has expertise in implementing robust security features at the hardware level to protect against potential cyber threats and unauthorized access. The hardware design practices our engineering team employ allows us to efficiently bring your hardware device ideas to life within the scope, timeline and resources allocated to your project.

Embedded Systems & Software Development

These bespoke solutions leverage advanced algorithms to analyze visual data, empowering our clients to mitigate the complexities and risks associated with integrating and deploying intelligent vision-guided systems.

Our comprehensive embedded system development services span software and firmware design, hardware development, optimization for performance and form factor, rigorous quality validation, and seamless manufacturing.

Design For Manufacturability

At Suntek Global, one of our core expertises is the efficient integration of manufacturing considerations into the design process. Our Design for Manufacturability services provide your team the ability optimize product performance, reduce costs, and accelerate time-to-market.

Agile Production Ramp-Up

The transition from development to production is a critical phase in the lifecycle of any product. 

At Suntek Global, we help your team offset the additional efforts needed quickly adjust production capacity in response to changing market dynamics, demand fluctuations, or unforeseen challenges. 

Our expertise in HMLV manufacturing and supply chain management provides your team with rapid production ramp up to successfully meet market demand, while maintaining flexibility, quality, and cost-effectiveness over time.